1998 Chevrolet Express for sale by owner - Portland, OR - craigslist (2024)

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1998 Chevrolet Express for sale by owner - Portland, OR - craigslist (1)

VIN: 1GCGG25R3W1043635

condition: good

cylinders: 8 cylinders

drive: rwd

fuel: gas

odometer: 249000

paint color: white

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

type: van

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1998 Sportsmobile RB30 campervan for sale
249k miles
Chevy Express G2500HD
Asking $12500 or offer - no trades

Located in Portland Oregon, Available for test drives

Older van, higher miles, but because it was used and maintained. We are the 2nd owner, but we’ve had it since 2004 and have updated a few things, including replacing the canvas top just pre pandemic. Recently replaced both exhaust manifolds, power steering gearbox and line, AC compressor, and a new starter this year. We love this van but have the opportunity to do a different build as our needs have change with our ages.

The van originated in Texas and has been in Oregon for 19 years. Though it did spent a winter parked in Wisconsin (before we had the furnace installed, brrrr). So, it has never been exposed to road salt. No body rust and minimal surface rust on the undercarriage.

Sportsmobile, the camper converter, has been doing these conversions for over 50 years. This particular van was converted at their Texas facility, and propane furnace installed at their Indiana facility.

Camper specs:
* Penthouse pop top - full height of cabin is 6’8” floor to ceiling with roof up. Plastic windows unzip to screens, roll down shades provide dark environment for sleeping. Canvas walls were replaced with Sportsmobile stock (new) in 2018 and should be good for another 20 years. Van is 86” tall (ground to top of roof) with roof down (without roof bars).
* Bed secures to ceiling for storage or drops down to rails for use, with extension to make bed dimensions 42”x72” (ask about options). To get into bed, use couch and counter as ladder steps.
* Couch converts to 2nd bed. Couch has 3 seatbelts, side facing. A couple of wingnuts can unscrew to remove couch seat for access to systems (ie coach battery, fresh water system, electrical bay), but normally the flip down door at front is enough for normal use (storage, water fill)
* 2 burner stove with lid (propane - no self igniter, lite from bic)
* Sink attached to built in 6 gallon freshwater tank and 7 gallon greywater.
* Freshwater tank (6gal) can be filled from interior or exterior. Drain valve under couch.
* DC Compressor Refrigerator 1.7 cu foot.
* Storage - 4 regular drawers. The library (sized for a small microwave, though we’ve carried guide books instead). The pull out pantry (4’ tall, 6 shelves big enough for cans or bread loafs, can carry a weeks worth of dry goods for 1-2), toilet compartment (big enough for included new marine toilet), door pockets, roomy slide-door under counter shelves and closet. We’ve been happy with amount of storage even for extended trips. Ask us where this vans obscure secure storage locations are.
* Furnace - run off same propane as stove top, self igniting with thermostat
* Cabin AC - Star Cool system runs from engine AC compressor off grid or from 30amp shore power connection.
* Lighting: mostly replaced incandescent lights with led, and added a few fixtures where we needed them
* Propane - 5lb tank underbody mounted.
* Roof- fiberglass with Yakima rack mounts & rack. Strong enough to stand on or carry kayaks. Has never been used for solar, but that can be retrofitted.

Van specs:
* 1998 Chevy G2500 Heavy Duty (axels from 3500)
* 5.7 L V8 fuel injected engine
* Rear wheel drive with auto-locking differential
* Extra bumper lights switched from interior for fog and high beams (relay trigged on/off with high beams)
* Rear view camera
* Undercarriage camera (you’ve tanks for water and propane beneath - don’t hit them on rough roads)
* Large LCD touch screen for cameras and Wireless CarPlay
* 2” receiver hitch
* Towing capacity: rated to 10,000#
* Side windows all original, windshield replaced in 2014
* All-Terrain (but not super aggressive) tires at 245/75/16 with loads of tread (fronts new in 2022)
* Body has some scratches and areas of peeled paint, but the white finish is original and has not rusted
* Engine does not appear to burn oil, but does leak in places, (likely needs gaskets replaced)
* Easily passes Oregon DEQ emissions test (tester commented that it runs really clean for its age)
* Title report (Carfax Pro) available on request

Optional - negotiate if you would like:
* original bed: we used it for the first year, then switched to thermarests on a custom platform. Original bed is upholstered 2”foam and has been in storage. Note that custom bed frame leaves you with extra 4” of hight in sleeping configuration - your choice.
* Thermarests - we have several thicknesses in pairs.
* Ikea comforter
* Yakima components- we have some spare mounts

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    1998 Chevrolet Express for sale by owner - Portland, OR - craigslist (2024)
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