Influencers back Sketch after explicit leaks: Banks, Ludwig and more come forward (2024)

Several content creators have spoken out in support of Sketch after viral leaks showed the Twitch streamer in explicit content.

Sketch, one of Twitch's most popular streamers and a rising star on social media, went live on July 8 to address leaked videos and photos that appeared to show him participating in explicit content.

He admitted that he was the one featured in the circulating leaks, apologized to fans who had seen the content and explained that the photos and videos were taken years ago during a “dark period” when he was struggling with “addiction issues.”

Following Sketch’s confession, multiple influencers across platforms have responded to the news and offered their support to the Twitch streamer. This included members of FaZe, who were on Sketch when the leaks first started circulating.

FaZe Banks and Kaysan “Stand” with Sketch

Both Banks and Kaysan made it clear they would support Sketch in separate posts on X (formerly Twitter), after backing him the night the news broke.

Not everything needs to be aired and farmed but since y’all wanna make crazy assumptions Sketch told me to post these receipts All the FaZe boys was with him last night Sketch was my homie yesterday he’s my homie today he’ll be my homie tomorrow y’all fkn weirdos

— FaZe Banks (@Banks) July 8, 2024

Banks called out internet users who were too quick to make “crazy assumptions” and called them “strangers,” while sharing text messages with Sketch showing “the FaZe boys” coming together to show their support.

“Sketch was my homie yesterday, he's my homie today and he'll be my homie tomorrow,” Banks wrote.

Kaysan shared a similar sentiment, praising the way “legend” Sketch handled the situation: “He's been nothing but kind, genuine and humble to everyone, including me… This boy is a warrior. We stand with Sketch.”

Sketch is a legend. He has handled this situation better than anyone else. He has been nothing but kind, genuine and humble to everyone, including me.

We saw him last night after everything came out and watched the videos. This kid is a warrior. We stand behind Sketch.

— FaZe Kaysan (@kaysan) July 8, 2024

Content creators offer Sketch their “love” and “support”

FaZe Clan members aren't the only ones supporting Sketch and criticizing those who “hate” the Twitch streamer for his private life. Here are who has responded to the leaks so far.

Hasan Abi

Hasan wrote on X that as long as Sketch “never hurt anyone” he “never has to feel shame” for his past private life, because “nothing even remotely” has leaked to suggest otherwise.

“Shame on everyone who ridiculed him and made him feel unwelcome,” the YouTuber wrote.

Duke Dennis

YouTuber Hertog Dennis the situation has been addressed on stream, chiding viewers for finding it “too long-winded” and saying they “didn't give a damn” because it was none of their business.

Dennis had met Sketch before and called him a “great f***ing guy” whose sexual preference didn't “take that away from him.” “If you stop [Sketch’s] friend, that's the only reason you're weird.”

Duke Dennis Talks Sketch Situation

“Y'all dragging it out… Mfs changing… Whatever his sexual preference is, it doesn't change the fact that he's a great guy… If it makes you stop being his friend, you're weird.”

—FearedBuck (@FearedBuck) July 8, 2024


Kick streamer Cuffem responded to Banks' post on X, making it clear that Sketch was “not alone” and was still “loved” and “supported.”

He pointed out that Sketch's reputation should not be “smeared” as he “hasn't caused anyone any harm or grief”, before writing that there were “real weirdos” in the industry who deserved to be “talked sh*t about”.

Mike Majlak

Impaulsive co-host and author Mike Majlak shared a photo of himself with Sketch, calling it a “blessing” to have met and hung out with the Twitch streamer on several occasions.

“He has an incredible heart, positive energy and love for life. I consider him a friend and hope he remains the sweet soul we all know and love.”

I met Sketch a few months ago and have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with him since then. He has an incredible heart, positive energy and love for life. I consider him a friend and hope he continues to be the sweet soul we all know and love.

— Mike Majlak (@mikemajlak) July 8, 2024


Streamer and YouTuber Cinna called Sketch's response to the leak of his explicit content a “crazy Sketch W” and praised him for “seeing positive things” despite the circ*mstances.

“It's so inspiring to be able to laugh despite being faced with something so incredibly difficult,” she said.


YouTuber SteveWillDoIt reiterated that he would “love Sketch to death” and “forever,” writing on X that anyone who “hated” the Twitch streamer could be “f*cked.”

When someone responded claiming the leaks were “fake,” Steve hit back, writing, “Who the f*** cares, either way, that's his business.”


YouTuber LosPollos slammed those who made such a big deal about the leaks and Sketch's sexuality: “Why the f*** do you care what another man does?”

He questioned how fans could turn Sketch around after he “made a lot of you laugh and have a good time,” calling the switch “really f*cking up.”


Streamer Ludwig offered his support to Sketch by simply calling him “the goat,” aka “the best of all time.”

Jake Paul

Jake, one of the two Paul brothers, also took to X to make his stance clear, reaffirming his support for the Twitch streamer, writing only, “We love you Sketch.”

Influencers back Sketch after explicit leaks: Banks, Ludwig and more come forward (2024)
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