MBTI®: Romantic Movie Characters Who Represent INFP Traits (2024)


  • INFP characters in romance films are known for their creative, loving, and open-minded nature, making them ideal rom-com leads.
  • Female protagonists with INFP traits are more common in romance movies, showcasing their dreamy and romantic personalities effectively.
  • INFP characters like Lara Jean and Belle stand out in romance films for their idealistic, empathetic, and caring nature that resonates with viewers.

INFPs make for some of the greatest characters in fiction due to their quirky and whimsical demeanors. They are especially great in romance films considering the fact that INFPs are some of the most romantic individuals out of all the 16 MBTI® personality types. Quite a few romance movies feature female protagonists with INFP traits, though it's difficult to confirm that they would actually be INFPs without the writer or actor confirming that personality type for them. The female romantic leads are more commonly found with the traits than men though.

The INFP, the mediator, personality type might seem shy at first but once they let people into their world others realize the INFP is creative, loving, and open-minded. INFP personality types are also extremely caring and are typically are looking for to build close relationships with those they care about so they make for fantastic rom-com leads. With that being said, here are some essential characters in romance films who embody INFP characteristics.


MBTI: TV Show Characters With An INFP Personality

Making up only 4% of the population, INFPs are very quiet yet hopeful for a better future. Let's look at some of our favorite INFPs from tv shows.


To All The Boys I Loved Before

Lara Jean (Lana Condor) is a shy high schooler who has had multiple passionate crushes in her past and has written love letters to each of them although she was too afraid to ever send them. Her letters are simply a way of getting her thoughts out of her head, a way of providing an outlet for her feelings, and dreaming about her crushes without actually having to face rejection. That creative and introverted nature makes perfect sense for an INFP.

Her younger sister sends the letters and changes Lara Jean's life forever when her crushes are able to read her innermost feelings about them. Lara Jean is creative with her multiple craft projects and love of baking. It's clear that Lara Jean also cares deeply for her father and sisters, and learns to let Peter (Noah Centineo) into her life when they begin dating.


Sleepless In Seattle

Sam (Tom Hanks) is a widower with a young son and the movie Sleepless in Seattle begins with his son calling into a radio station to talk about how lonely his dad is after his mom's death. He is one of the seemingly rare male protagonists in romances to showcase INFP traits. Sam ends up talking to the radio host and passionately describes the relationship he had and how much he truly cared for his wife and misses her.

Sam cares deeply for his son and is a romantic at heart

Hundreds of people listen to the radio broadcast including Annie (Meg Ryan) and several women try to reach out to him to try to date him. It's clear that Sam cares deeply for his son and is a romantic at heart who just wants a relationship with a loving woman. It's that dreamer nature of his, but his desire to make his son happy first that makes him fit the INFP personality type best.


Only You

Faith (Marisa Tomei) from Only You is extremely similar to the INFP personality type. Faith is completely obsessed with finding her soul mate and has been convinced since her childhood that she's meant to be with a man called Damon Bradley. Faith believes this wholeheartedly and has high expectations for her romantic relationships, and needs a particular level of magic and flare. Faith meets a man who claims to have the name Damon Bradley (Robert Downey, Jr.) and she has to reckon with the difference between her expectations and her reality.

Faith perfectly represents the idealistic nature of an INFP. She dreams up such a specific idea about romance and a relationship in her head that it's difficult to imagine anyone would ever be able to fit her vision. Her ability to build up this person in her mind also speaks to her creativity though as she imagines what she thinks would be the perfect person for her.


Chances Are

Alex (Robert Downey Jr.) is inexplicably drawn to Miranda (Mary Stuart Masterson) and her family, specifically her mother Corinne (Cybill Shepherd), as he begins having strong memories of the family that aren't his own. It's an odd and unique rom-com when the audience realizes that Corinne's recently deceased husband was re-incarnated as Alex, but Alex is a passionate, creative, completely empathetic, helpful, and caring character.

All of his traits perfectly embody those of the INFP. They are called the Mediator because of their desire to help other people, and Alex certainly has that, even as he's drawn to these people without knowing why. He's a bit more outspoken than most iNFPs might be, partly because he remembers the events of his past life during most of the movie, but he also puts the needs of everyone around him before his own, even as he's chasing his dream job and his dream relationship.


The Half Of It

Ellie (Leah Lewis) is a quiet and extremely shy high schooler who is in love with Aster (Alexxis Lemire) but agrees to help Paul (Daniel Diemer), a boy in their class, who is also in love with her, woo her. In a classic Cyrano de Bergerac storyline, Aster becomes interested in him even though she has been talking with Ellie the entire time over text messages and letters. Ellie is a complete romantic and deeply cares for Aster while also developing a friendship with Paul.

Ellie absolutely embodies the more classically introverted traits of an INFP. Without the interest in Aster from Paul, it's possible that she and Aster wouldn't have even developed a friendship. Without getting to know Paul, she also might never have got up the courage to leave their small town and pursue her own dreams. Ellie is an introvert who is a big dreamer, but needs a push to realize those dreams.


Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is definitely an INFP character. Many people are drawn in by the INFP's whimsical charm and their mysterious demeanors leave others around them constantly wanting more. This is why Ramona is so sought after in the movie by all of her exes as well as Scott Pilgrim himself because her wild-hearted personality is so alluring to all those around her.

Also, INFPs are known for their lack of a desire to conform, which is why Ramona always sports unconventional colored hair. She couldn't care less about fitting in, and people tend to admire this aspect found in her character. Ramona is a bit more forthright than INFPs might be thought of. After all, she is quick to tell Scott that all he has to do if he wants to date her is go up against all of her exes. There's no keeping anything a secret, even if she still maintains her mysterious aura.


Shape Of Water

Elisa (Saly Hawkins) from TheShape of Water fully embodies all of the essential character traits of the INFP personality type. Her character is warm, extremely empathetic, and creative. Like most INFPs, she always seems to be daydreaming about a fantasy world that is far from reach. Mundane aspects of her everyday life do not interest her as much as the fantastical elements that she comes across.

She falls in love with an amphibian man because she can identify with the fact that he's an outcast. INFPs tend to fall for people based on their personalities rather than superficial qualities such as appearance or financial status. It is also important to recognize the fact that Elisa befriends a bunch of characters who are labeled as misfits by society because she tends to find them more interesting than those who conform.



Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) seems to embody the INFP personality because she is someone who appreciates fantasy much more than reality. Prior to meeting Edward, she was a bookworm who loved reading about imaginary worlds far beyond her own. When she met the Cullens, she was fascinated by them rather than afraid, and she fully accepts them into her life despite the fact that vampires are deemed as dangerous. She's willing to embark on any adventure that comes her way rather than shying away from it.

Bella also demonstrates the altruistic nature of an INFP. While she's very clear with Edward that she plans to become a vampire one day to be with him, she's also very clear about not wanting him to protect her every moment. Even as a human instead of a vampire, Bella will run headlong into danger to try to help the people she loves - her mother, Edward, Jacob, and her daughter.


Beauty and The Beast

Princess Belle (Emma Watson) from Beauty and the Beast is basically the patron saint of fictional INFPs. Like many others described on this list, Belle is much more concerned with fantastical matters as opposed to what is going down in her everyday life. She couldn't care less about what's happening in her little town, yet what she does care about are the books she consumes on a daily basis. INFPs love reading fiction because it's a form of escapism and requires the reader to use their imagination.

Both the animated and live-action versions of the character embrace the escapist essence of being a bookworm. They also long to help those they care about. Belle trades places with her father without another thought, becoming a prisoner for the Beast to make up for her father's theft. She also, however, grows to care for the Beast, and is willing to put herself between him and an angry mob of villagers to try to help him.


Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie (Logan Lerman) is the definition of an INFP character. He is extremely sensitive and he will cry over the little things in life because he is so in touch with his emotions. For example, his character will often burst into tears over a song that touches his heart. Charlie is a wallflower, which means that although he is extremely shy and reserved, he is able to make observations and see things that others cannot. INFPs are experts when it comes to making observations about details that most people would not be able to pick up on.

Despite being in touch with his emotions, and not wanting to hurt those around him, he also isn't always great with social cues, making mistakes that insult his friends. Charlie tries to correct those, and he gradually becomes more outgoing as he develops these close friendships.


Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp is an actor who often plays INFP characters, outcasts, or those who exist on the fringes of society. One of the best known of his characters that fit that description is Edward Scossorhands. Edward is an outcast and he finds it very difficult to connect with others around him, yet he isn't desperate to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

He is comfortable with his status as a misfit, and he cares more about making others happy than blending in with the rest of the crowd. INFPs are sensitive, romantic, and giving, and these are all traits that can be said about Edward Scissorhands. Despite the fact that he has scissors for his hands, he is completely harmless, using his hands to do things like trim shrubs instead of harm anyone.



Amélie (Audrey Tautou) is a quirky young woman who is known for her reserved nature and her giving personality. She cares very deeply about making other people happy, and sometimes she will go so far as to put other people's needs before her own, which is absolutely something associated with INFPs. That is largely her journey in the movie as one quest to reunite someone with their lost childhood belongings leads to her trying to do small things to make everyone else around her happy.

Since the majority of people with the INFP personality type are wildly empathetic, they can often forget to take care of their own needs and desires because they are too busy trying to help others. They are extremely selfless in that way, and this behavior describes Amélie to a T. She is also incredibly imaginative and creative, which is why she's always fantasizing about dazzling worlds that are far from reach.



Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn) is a character who wants nothing more than to find love. She believes that love can be found in a man named David, whose family has employed her father as a driver for years, and she is willing to go to great lengths in order to win his affection. Yet unfortunately for Sabrina, David refuses to notice her and has many relationships while she follows her other dreams, like living in Paris for two years and attending Le Cordon Bleu.

INFPs have a bad habit of yearning for what they can't have. Like most people with this personality type, they will do just about anything in the name of love. Sabrina becomes so focused on the love that she can't have that she doesn't notice that she's started falling in love with someone else during the movie, which also isn't uncommon for INFPs.


Call Me By Your Name

Elio (Timothee Chalamet) from the romance film Call Me By Your Name is very much an INFP. While he is extremely bookish and intelligent, he leads by his emotions rather than logic and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Because he is so wrapped up in his own head, he doesn't initially recognize his feelings for Oliver when they present themselves. Once he does, he's all in, embracing his emotions even if others might not and engaging in a whirlwind romance that can't last.

It might not be the happiest ending for him, but it is true to his nature.

As is the case for all INFP personality types, Elio is incredibly sensitive due to his high levels of emotional intelligence. He loves to read and be alone as well, and his imagination is endless. He feels everything keenly, but he doesn't project his feelings onto Oliver and stop Oliver from pursuing other relationships in the end. It might not be the happiest ending for him, but it is true to his nature.


Before Sunrise

Celine (Julie Delpy) in Before Sunrise embodies the "mediator" personality type. Her character is a great listener, and she loves to discuss theories and ideas rather than engaging in small talk. Celine wants her conversations to have real meaning. There is nothing an INFP hates more than small talk because they have no interest in surface-level conversations.

When they are getting to know someone, they want to get to the heart and soul of that other person and they will be unafraid to get to a deeper level with a person that most people would never be willing to reach. While INFPs are best known for their introverted nature, once they connect with someone, they are more than willing to be completely honest about their feelings, no matter how embarrassed they might be in another situation. Celine takes that approach with Jesse in Before Sunset, showing her INFP traits easily.

MBTI®: Romantic Movie Characters Who Represent INFP Traits (2024)
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