Why You’re Still Single, Based On Your Personality Type (2024)

Dating is a jungle, and frankly, who has the energy for endless swipes left in hopes of finding The One?

If your most significant relationship is currently with your ice cream spoon as you side-eye lovey-dovey couples, read on. Your personality type might have something to do with your chronically uncoupled status.

INFP: No one is ever good enough.

INFP, your imagination is a wild stallion, and being realistic is mostly off your agenda. You’re so caught up in the “what could be” versus "what really is" it’s hard for you to find anyone who meets your expectations. You often daydream about the ideal partner, but, the truth is, no one is good enough for you. So you continually search for that perfect person and end up alone, with only your romcom dreams of fairytale endings for company.

ENFP: The shine wears off fast.

How come people are never as interesting on date three as they were on the first or second date? It's one of life's biggest mysteries to you, ENFP. You're always on the lookout for something new and exciting, and you get so bored hearing the same stories repeatedly. To you, dating is an adventure, not an endless dissertation about someone’s dog, grandma or boring desk job. The thrill wears off fast, and you're already on to the next one.

INTJ: People are vapid.

Finding a person you like is literally the proverbial needle in a haystack, am I right, INTJ? You’d much rather stay solo and brush up on your quantum physics knowledge / construct theories on time travel / decipher ancient hieroglyphics than have to talk to someone BORING. If it's not a mental match, the relationship is going nowhere with a capital “N.” Others often say you “think too much,” but you say that’s just because they don’t think enough.

ENTJ: You're too intimidating for mere mortals.

From your high-powered career to your many accomplishments, you're a force to be reckoned with, ENTJ. You have no time for games and want someone who can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people shake in their boots whenever you enter a room. If they can't keep up with your drive or standards, you lose any respect you might have had for them—lead or leave.

INFJ: You're waiting for a unicorn.

You're a special breed, INFJ, and finding someone as unique as you is like searching for a vegan at a barbecue. Each date feels like they’re from Planet Normal, chit-chatting about their job and reluctant to go deep from the get-go. You yearn for a partner who’s not just a triple-threat in looks, brains and kindness, but also someone ready to plan a tree-planting trip to the Amazon on a first date. Sadly, your criteria are as mythical as a unicorn. Sigh.

ENFJ: You scare them off with your feelings.

Oh, ENFJ. You try so hard to please everyone and do everything perfectly that dates have called you “intense” on more than one occasion. And it’s true. You feel like everyone is too cavalier, too careless and too unwilling to show affection so, after a few bum dates, you’d rather focus on bettering people who want your advice and support. Forget those ungrateful people, anyway. Someone will appreciate being smothered with love.

INTP: You overanalyze everything.

What did they mean when they said “I’ll text you?” Or that your voice reminded them of someone? Why did they twirl their hair twice? Your INTP brain has been processing these questions since the date ended. You can’t help it; you’re wired to analyze everything, so dating is torture. It’s so much easier to stay home, order takeout and watch The Matrix (again). People are just too confusing, and you aren’t sure you like them, anyway.

ENTP: You endlessly thirst for something new.

It’s no surprise commitment is something you struggle with, ENTP. You love a good match of the minds, but you also love the thrill you get when someone new gives you the eyes from across the room. Your flirty, charming nature brings you a lot of attention, but when it comes to settling down, you either get bored or intimidated by the idea. That’s okay, Casanova. Someday you’ll meet your match.

ISFJ: You might cancel a date for a cat.

You look after everyone and their dog, ISFJ. You never put yourself first, which means you might agree to babysit your best friend’s kids, water your neighbor's plants, or go visit your parents without remembering you had a date scheduled for that evening. Time to reschedule and—oh, wait, there’s a stray cat that needs your help.

ESFJ: You’re looking for someone who needs saving.

Sure, that superhero costume looks great on you, ESFJ, but you don’t have to be someone’s Clark Kent to make romance worthwhile. Instead of looking for a partner in crime, you end up looking for the person who needs some rescuing, and before you know it, you’re in a relationship with the first person who says “help!” You chose this path because your heart is made of gold, but you deserve someone who wants to take care of you.

ISFP: You’re too artistic.

Your creativity knows no bounds, ISFP. So why is it so hard to find someone who matches your vibes? They say opposites attract, but you feel like you’ve tried dating every personality type except the one person who’ll get you. You’re a master at drawing, painting and playing the guitar, while they’re more interested in golfing and watching The Bachelor. Yawn.

ESFP: No one knows whether you're coming or going.

Spontaneity is your middle name, ESFP, and that extends to keeping your schedule wide open for serendipitous meetings with new love interests. You’d rather keep your options open than commit to someone, and if things do start to get serious, your FOMO might just get the best of you. You're afraid that if you commit, you'll miss out on other opportunities and end up feeling trapped. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being picky.

ISTJ: You're convinced that no one gets you.

While you may not believe you’re the most unique person in the world, you do believe most people just aren’t on your planet, ISTJ. Your systematic, procedural approach to life means you function best in your own environment, on your own terms and away from people who don’t “click.” They’re either partiers, ne’er-do-wells or bores, so who wants ‘em anyway?

ESTJ: Your unsolicited advice isn't the love potion you think it is.

Yeah, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to lecture your last date about how they could improve their lifestyle or career. But you can’t help yourself, can you, ESTJ? You’re the role model you wanted to have as a kid, so why wouldn’t someone want to hear a few tips? You’re so set on helping and leading others that you forget love is more about roses than a resume. Oops.

ISTP: You’re basically a robot with a wrench.

Your mechanical brain is a major strength, ISTP. But when it comes to matters of the heart, you sometimes confuse being a human with being a highly efficient emotion-dodging robot. Your idea of a romantic evening might involve explaining the mechanics of their recent car trouble while your date pleads with you to “Just say how you feel!” Time to loosen up and let your emotions roam free.

ESTP: You think love is better when it's a game.

You love to flirt and get a thrill out of the chase, but once you’ve caught your prey, you have trouble staying interested, ESTP. It’s not because they’re boring; it’s just that now they’re not a challenge. You like to go, go, go and seek as much adventure as you can. The fun ends once it starts getting too serious. YOLO, right? A relationship can wait.

Why You’re Still Single, Based On Your Personality Type (2024)
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